We've raised our first round of funding 🎉

We've raised our first round of funding  🎉

I’m incredibly excited to announce that we’ve raised a €60,000 investment round from 5 amazing angels, including investors from Lebenheim Capital and Steep Ventures.

​​The new funds will allow us to launch our platform and enable customers to make unlimited investments in EU & UK listed properties via their mobile devices and online. Furthermore, the funds will be used to expand our engineering and design team. Our new app will be available on iPhone at the end of this year and is expected to be available on Android shortly thereafter. 🚀

Proptee combines a simple user interface with a proprietary real estate investment and trading platform, giving you access to real-time property prices, notifications, and the ability to profit like a landlord, with no effort, by accessing the global property market from your sofa.

“Why are we excited? We believe that real estate investing should be effortless, and not exclusive to those with upfront capital, time, and background knowledge. That’s why we have joined Proptee on their mission to create the next generation of real estate investors through a convenient, cost-efficient, and enjoyable real estate trading experience. ” said Lorenzo Torquati, Partner at Lebenheim Capital.

"In an age when people are investing in any kind of asset classes using their phones, it is a natural fit to take real estate investing & trading to a mobile-first format." said Robert Hegedus, Managing Partner of Fiedler Capital.

"This fundraising round is the critical step to get Proptee in the hands of thousands of users. I cannot wait to launch!" - Alexandru Rosianu, CTO & co-founder of Proptee.

If you haven't signed up yet, please head to our website at https://proptee.io/. If you have, then keep inviting your friends to get access to the app even sooner!