Earn Passive Income on Proptee

Earn Passive Income on Proptee

This guide introduces you to the basic concepts of earning passive income. Proptee offers a suite of products for you to grow your portfolio easily. By buying fractions, you could win rewards and reinvest them to earn more rewards!

What is passive income?

Passive income refers to money you can earn with minimal effort, often automatically. For example, putting your money into a savings account would generate passive income in the form of interest earned.

Similarly, if you hold fractions in your Proptee app, you can use them to generate passive income. But generating passive income can be more complicated, requiring detailed research and lots of time.

There are many different ways to earn extra income with your crypto holdings, including staking, mining, saving, and lending. For those new to the crypto world, it can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to start. But there is now an easier way to do this.

How can I get started?

This guide will introduce you to some of the key concepts and the ways that you can earn passive real estate and metaverse incomes. More advanced traders can engage in complicated trading strategies, but there are some simple methods to grow your portfolio without elaborate efforts and knowledge.

Earning passive income with real estate is more straightforward than earning rewards with cryptos. Check out our Guides for both here: