Fractional Real Estate Investing

Fractional Real Estate Investing

The year is 2022, everybody is talking about crypto and owning a great jpeg NFT. Real estate is still bought and sold fully offline, but the market is buzzing about a new technology, called the blockchain.

What's fractional real estate investing?

Fractional real estate investing is the process of investing in a property or properties through the use of tokens or digital assets. These tokens represent an ownership stake in the real estate, and can be traded on secondary markets.

Why is fractional property investing can be a good investment?

There are a number of reasons why fractional property investing can be beneficial.

  • Allows investors to spread their risk over a number of different properties.
  • Provides investors with access to properties that they may not otherwise be able to afford.
  • Allows investors to generate passive income through rental income and capital gains.

What are the benefits of fractional property investing?

There are many benefits of fractional property investing, including:

1. Increased liquidity – Fractional ownership allows investors to purchase a stake in a property, rather than having to purchase the entire property. This increases liquidity, as investors can sell their stake at any time.

2. Diversification – Fractional ownership allows investors to spread their risk across multiple properties, rather than investing in a single property. This helps to reduce the risk of losing money if one of the properties experiences a downturn.

3. Reduced costs – Fractional ownership can reduce the costs of investing in real estate, as investors do not have to purchase the entire property. This can help to make real estate investing more affordable for smaller investors.

4. Increased access to investment opportunities – Fractional ownership allows smaller investors to invest in high-end properties that they may not have been able to afford if they were to purchase the property outright. This increases the range of investment opportunities available to investors.

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