1015 Wycomb Dr (WYCO) - Replacing Gutters

1015 Wycomb Dr (WYCO) - Replacing Gutters

The Property Manager has received a proposal from the roofing vendor to replace the gutters at the property.

The gutters were recently dented when a tree limb fell on the roof (no damage was caused to the roof).

The estimate includes a 6" K-Style Aluminium Gutter System & 3"x 4" Downspout Replacement.

The repairs include:

  • Remove Entire existing gutter system from the home
  • Replace Any bad/rotten fascia boards at an additional $7.50per LF
  • Replace any existing damaged aluminum fascia wrap at an additional $5.50 per LF
  • Install New 6" K-Style Aluminum Gutters on Gutter Eaves where previously existing
  • Install New Aluminum 3"x 4" Downspouts on all previous existing locations
  • Install New Gutter Clips in Gutter runs with 24" spacing
  • Install All Matching Elbows, Extensions and Etc. to color selected

The total estimate for the gutters is $630. These funds will be deducted from the Maintenance Reserve which will be replenished via 10% of the cash flow until it is full again.

The total cost of the gutter replacement and tree removal is slightly more than the $1000 insurance deductible. The PM recommends it would not be worth filing a claim for the loss at this time as the insurance payout would be minimal.

Please find the invoice here.