1015 Wycomb Dr (WYCO) - AC Leak Repairs

1015 Wycomb Dr (WYCO) - AC Leak Repairs

Update on 1015 Wycomb Dr (WYCO)

A vendor arrived onsite and identified the leak coming from the clogged condensation line for the AC Unit.

The line was cleared and the total cost was $225.13 (€228.37). The control panel for the furnace was damaged by the leaking water and the vendor completed the repairs to restore the system. The cost of the furnace repair was $537.80 (€545.55).

The total cost of repairs is $762.93 (€773.92). These funds will be deducted from the property's maintenance fund which will be replenished via 10% of the cash flow until it is full again.

Repair Invoice (AC Leak)
Repair Invoice (Furnace)