Proptee Alpha is here!

Help us build an exchange!

Proptee Alpha is here!

Help us build an exchange!

We’re on a mission to create the global property investing app by building the world’s first property stock exchange for your smartphone. We’re building the kind of app we wish existed.

In the last couple of weeks, we have been rapidly developing our native iOS application while constantly testing and updating our trading system.

It’s time to start Alpha Testing!

We are keen to create Proptee with our customers, so while it’s still early days, we’re launching our Alpha Program at the beginning of next week. It’s a chance to get a sneak peek at the early features and help create the kind of property investment platform you’d like to use.

In other words, it’s your chance to #GetProptee!

What is Proptee Alpha? 🤔

Proptee Alpha is the first version of the Proptee app that users get to try. As we’re building all of our systems from the ground up, we need to make sure that everything works as supposed before we release it to the public. The Proptee Alpha program is going to be the first public release of the app.

We will give the app to 10 lucky Alpha Testees who will be the first ones to see the new releases.

What do you get?

We’ll give you access to the Proptee iPhone app and an Alpha Testee badge in our community forum.

We’ll publish new versions every few days, so you’ll have immediate access to all of the latest features before everyone else.

And what do we want from you?

First of all, we want to hear your thoughts and feedback. Does it make your life easier? Did we make property investing fun & easy? What’s missing?.

Important: You’ll need an iPhone 6S or newer with iOS 14 to be able to test the Alpha version of Proptee.

So cool, I’m in. What do I need to do?

First of all, register for our Alpha Program here. Then send us a tweet @PropteeApp with the hashtag #GetProptee, explaining why you should be one of the lucky ten!