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Thomas invested €3200.40 in Redhill, Surrey • RH1
Just now
Solenne invested €379.45 in 5401 Odom Ave • FW5401
Just now
Anna invested €23.00 in Newcastle upon Tyne • FENHAM
1 hour ago
Lorenzo invested €5400.0 in 1248 S Keeler Ave • CHCGO
1 hour ago
Greta sold €210.60 in Redhill, Surrey • RH1
2 hours ago
Kacper invested €1,200.00 in 24 Sureda, Palma • PALM1
3 hours ago
Jasmine invested €41.00 in 42 Abbott's Wharf • ABTS42
4 hours ago
Carlos sold €77.14 in Newcastle upon Tyne • FENHAM
4 hours ago
Anna invested €314.20 in 5401 Odom Ave • FW5401
5 hours ago
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Join thousands of others who benefit from the global real estate market.


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every month

You receive part of the monthly rent from tenants depending on how many fractions you own in each property.

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within seconds

Buy multiple fractions and build up your personal portfolio. To get your money out, just hit the sell button.

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Our Transparency

Secure storage

We store the vast majority of the digital assets in secure offline storage.

Property insurance

Proptee only lists properties with up to date insurance policies to protect against unexpected events.

Regulated in the EU

Proptee is registered with and regulated by the Financial Crime Investigation Service in Lithuania.

Bank-grade encryption

We store all your personal data in an encrypted form and never share it with anyone.

How to invest in

real estate


Real estate fractionalisation

We bring each property ownership document onto the blockchain via creating a non-fungible token (NFT).

Buy, sell or trade

The one ownership NFT is fractionalised into multiple pieces (fractions) by issuing fungible tokens on the blockchain.

Earn passive income

Fraction holders collect passive income from the rent based on the number of fraction they hold for a duration.
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