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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Proptee?

Proptee is a fractional real estate exchange designed for your smartphone. It works the same way as Robinhood or Coinbase, except that you place orders to buy & sell virtual tokens that are associated with real rental properties and not publicly listed companies.

What type of products can I buy & sell using Proptee?

You can use Proptee to buy fractions associated with EU, USA and UK residential real estate, development loans and even Metaverse coins. Proptee lists (IPO) one new real estate every week to give you plenty of options to diversify your portfolio.

How much money do I need to start trading?

Proptee does not have a minimum investment amount. You can invest as much as you want.

How does Proptee make money?

We charge a small commission of 0.5% for both buying and selling fractions. Your first €1,000 is completely free – we don't charge any fees on the first €1,000 you invest. In the future, we plan to offer Proptee Premium, a subscription service with extra features for active investors.

How does funding my account work?

At the moment, you can deposit funds in EUR, GBP to your Proptee account via Instant Bank Transfer, buy gift cards via Card Payment & Apple Pay or use USDC cryptocurrency on Polygon to send funds. As soon as we receive the funds, your Proptee account will be credited and you can start investing.

How can I withdraw funds?

Withdrawing money or cashing out is the same simple process as topping up. We validate your request within 24 hours and transfer the funds to your bank account or crypto wallet.

Is my Proptee account protected?

  • Proptee is a licensed virtual currency exchange and wallet operator registered with the Financial Crime Investigation Service in Lithuania.

  • We store the vast majority of your digital assets in secure, offline storage.

  • Your sensitive personal information is fully encrypted and stored securely.

How is Proptee similar to a property fund or crowdfunding platform?

Proptee is similar to property funds and crowdfunding in that it only enables fully vetted investments to be listed on the exchange.

How is Proptee different from other property funds or crowdfunding platforms?

Proptee is rethinking the way property investment works. Using blockchain technology, we can automate the entire real estate investing process from start to finish. No more hidden costs from lawyers, banks or the government. In addition, we cut out the fat that makes property investing costly — legacy technology, hundreds of bank locations, and paper-based market information. As a result, we radically reduced costs.

What’s the story behind Proptee?

The story of Proptee begins almost half a decade ago at Southampton University, where the two co-founders Alexandru Rosianu and Benedek Toth met at a hackathon event. After spending a lot of time together brainstorming about ideas and building small projects, Alex started working for a commission-free brokerage while Ben was building PSD2-compliant apps at a bank.

As they were both interested in property investing, Ben and Alex tried to put their cash and heads together to buy their first buy-to-let property. This was the moment when they realised how inefficient and unclear the market was: finding a property, picking and applying for a mortgage, paying stamp duty, conveyancing and property management.

Using their experience and knowledge from the banking and stock trading industries, they realised that most of the steps could be automated. They knew they could build a much more cost efficient and enjoyable way of property investing. This was the start of Proptee.

How are Proptee properties selected?

Our team of experts hand-select properties that:
• are located in high rental-demand areas
• ready to produce income from the 1st day

They also inspect and verify:
• the quality of the building (ongoing legal procedures, utilities, upcoming repairs, etc.)

What kind of properties are listed on Proptee?

We're listing both residential and commercial rental properties in the Proptee app. These can be either long-term or holiday lets.

  1. Central or upcoming location with great potential

  2. New builds or recently refurbished

  3. Tenanted for at least 3 months

Who manages my investment properties on Proptee?

Proptee is responsible for managing the entire investment portfolio. We work with local agents to manage the properties on behalf of Proptee. At the moment, we charge only a the small management fee that our agents charge us. Typically, this is a fee of 10% from the monthly rent.

Who can have a Proptee account?

To open an account with Proptee, you’ll need to pass our light KYC checks to invest up to €1,000. Please check our list of restricted locations to see if you can apply.

What are the KYC limits?

Proptee uses a tiered KYC system, meaning the more you deposit and trade the more check we have to do. For more information on the our tiers, please read this page.

Does Proptee offer fractional trading?

Yes. Each individual property is fractionalized into either 10,000 or 100,000 fungible tokens, we call Fractions.

Does Proptee have an API?

We are offering Proptee API access to a selected group of users. If you are interested, please email us at

How are my fractions protected?

We store 100% of real estate fractions offline in secure cold storage facilities that are guarded and monitored 24/7.

What happens to my investment if Proptee goes out of business?

Proptee places all the assets under the ownership of a separate holding company. If the main company (Proptee Europe UAB) goes out of business, the holding company will still hold your assets and not be included in the bankruptcy. Then the holding company will act according to its wind-down plan.

If Proptee stops operating, do I get to keep my fractions?

Yes, you can withdraw your fractions to your personal cryptocurrency wallet.

What security measures does Proptee take to protect my personal information?

All the data is fully encrypted on Proptee, including your information submitted during the KYC process. We only store your personal information for the amount of time it's necessary.

Can I sell my house on Proptee?

Absolutely. When you decide to sell on Proptee, you should head to our Listing page and fill out our short form. This will give us enough information to decide if we're interested. We'll get back to you within 24h. Alternatively, you can just email us at

How does the selling process work?

If we find your property a good match, we will get in touch with you and manage each and every step of the selling process. This means conducting due diligence and creating the Proptee listing.

Can I sell only a portion of my property?

Yes, you can decide how much equity you wish to put up for sale. Selling only a portion of your house works the same way as selling an entire one. The only difference is that Proptee investors will own a smaller piece in total of the real estate. This works the same way as a private company being listed on the London Stock Exchange, for example.

How can I decide if my property is a good fit for Proptee?

Following these 3 simple requirements should give you an initial idea:

  1. Central or upcoming location with great potential

  2. New builds or recently refurbished

  3. Tenanted for at least 3 months

If you are still not sure, please send us an email with your address and property details and we’ll conduct a quick check on it.

How much does it cost to sell or IPO on Proptee?

Proptee charges a flat fee of €990.

How long does it take to list my property?

Assuming everything goes well, listing a property on Proptee should take less than 7 days.