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Residential real estate

Invest in long term & holiday lets.



Diversify your real estate portfolio on a global scale, like never before.

United Kingdom

Proptee offers new developments and fully refurbished properties in the north of the UK. Some of the properties offer guaranteed rent for 5 years.


Proptee offers short term holiday rental investments in the south region of Spain, mainly in Andalusia. These estates are listed on Airbnb or

Never worry about maintenance.

Value added by Proptee on behalf of investors
Proptee maintains the properties and refurbish them periodically to uphold or add to its value. Information regarding any developments are shown in the app.

Managed by local agents and developers
Properties are managed by local professionals with years of experience in property management.

Passive monthly income.

Profit from the residential real estate market every month.

Completely hands-off.

You will never be woken up by tenants in the middle of the night to replace a boiler.

Fully transparent.

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