Full Transparency

Proptee only partners with well-known, trusted businesses. We are a 100% transparent with our investors.

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Attestation reports

Our digital fractions are fully backed by their physical assets held in a separate entity. Any asset that is sold on Proptee has the same amount of reserve assets.

Client funds that are not invested are kept in EURO Coin (EUROc) and Stasis Euro (EURs). We regularly issue reports on all reserve assets as part of our strong commitment to transparency.


What are attestation and reserve reports?


Every month we create a report on the current financials of our holding company, Proptee Pay Kft. This is to show that the value of the assets owned by investors on Proptee is equal to the value of the assets owned by Proptee Pay Kft. Thus, investments are 100% backed.

Why does Proptee use stablecoins?


Euro stablecoins EUROc and EURs are fully-backed by euros in Euro-denominated banking accounts held at regulated financial institutions, so that it is always redeemable 1:1 for EUR.

Proptee uses stablecoins because transactions are borderless, instant, cheap and available for everybody.

How is Proptee regulated to custody clients' crypto assets?


Proptee is a registered Virtual Currency Exchange and Wallet Operator Services. These authorisations allow us to custody our clients' crypto assets.