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What is a rent reward?

Proptee lists income producing – rented – real estate on its marketplace. Rented properties generate income every month that is received directly by the investors on the platform. This works similarly to dividend stocks, but legally, it's just a reward.

reward types

Two kinds of reward available.

Long-term let

Long term lets are rented for longer period of times and typically have a stable monthly rental income. This results in stable rental rewards.

Holiday let

Holiday lets are homes designed for short term, Airbnb-like business models. These properties produce a less stable rental income than long term lets.

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When do I receive my rent rewards?


Rental rewards are distributed on the day when the tenants pay their full monthly rent.

How are rent rewards calculated?


Simply, the number of tokens you own is multiplied by your holding period in the past month.

The full rent of the property is divided by the total number of tokens, so each real estate token earns the same amount of rent rewards. If you sell the token in the middle of the month, you will still get rewarded for the holding period in that month. If you sell in the middle of the month, you will still earn rewards for that half-month period.

When do I know if I got rewards for the current month?


We tell you in advance if the property is rented or not. If it's rented, then when the tenant pays their rent, you'll see your rent rewards in the app.

How much management fee is deducted from the reward?


Typically, we charge 10% for the management. Most of that goes to local estate agents and the remaining stays in the property's safety fund. You can see the exact numbers on each property's screen.

What happens if the property is not rented? Do I still get paid?


If the property is not rented, you will not earn rewards.

Can I auto-invest my rewards back into a different real estate?


Not yet.

Can I withdraw rent rewards directly to my cryptocurrency wallet?


You can withdraw the cash from your account anytime in either EUR or cryptocurrency.

After the project is listed, when do I receive my first rent reward?


It depends on the project. We're aiming to list real estate that earns rent rewards right from the beginning.


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